March 2, 2017

Always Listening: Podcasts and Portable Brand Messaging

Podcasts are extremely flexible. That’s the beauty of audio content - you can take it with you! Wherever your smartphone goes, your favorite podcasts go. Most of the 98 million Americans who listen to podcasts do so on their morning commute, evening commute, at their desks, working out at the gym, cleaning the house, taking a shower….the list goes on!

Podcast are a terrific opportunity to reach a growing audience and communicate with them throughout their day.

First, let’s back up. More than 98 million people in the United States ages 12+ listen to podcasts! That’s roughly 36% of the 12+ population, up from 33% in 2015, and that percentage will continue to grow. As the number of listeners continues to increase, space for advertising grows with it. This creates a new and unique opportunity for brands to connect with listeners.

A whopping 71% of podcast consumers listen to podcasts on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, other portable media players), while 29% listen on a desktop. So podcasting is mobile for sure, which frees you up to do other things while listening. Some listeners can attest to the fact that podcasts make ‘chores’ more enjoyable! Some everyday, mundane tasks can be made much less tedious just by throwing on your favorite podcast.

It’s this mobile listening that allows brands to deliver messaging in places other media simply can’t. Sometimes even at the point of purchase, as shopping is a great time to catch up on your shows. The digital nature of podcasting also means that listeners are always connected to a device and can easily hop on a website to learn more about the brand.

What separates podcasts from other audio, is that it’s an active listening experience. Listeners don’t just put it on in the background. Instead the spoken word demands your attention and listeners hang on every word, including brand content.

The majority of the podcast listeners appreciate the flexibility of podcasts and how they improve the quality of their day. Many listeners also see this as an excellent medium to build a relationship and make a more personal connection with their favorite influencers.

And it works.

A ComScore study recently indicated that two-thirds of podcast listeners have “engaged in various research and/or purchase related behaviors” after listening to a podcast advertisement because these ads are the least intrusive among consumers. Similar to a tv series, “podcasts are episodic and create a platform for sponsors to slowly introduce themselves to listeners over a period of time.” Podcasts offer a platform to communicate marketing and brand messaging to a growing audience.

Enter Uncover Studios.

Uncover ties all of this together to maximize the impact of your brand message. We work closely with advertisers and create valuable brand experiences that resonate seamlessly with their respective audiences. Using our in-house teams, we create a wide-range of content from host reads to custom segments and even completely custom branded podcasts. We create fully-integrated 360° multimedia campaigns to extend reach and impact.

Combine the portability of podcasting, the effectiveness of influencers and great content, and the driving power of our multimedia campaigns and your brand message will build awareness, engagement, and ROI.