March 9, 2017

10 Things Advertisers Should Know About Podcasts

Whether you’re considering podcast advertising or just wondering what the hype is all about, here are 10 things advertisers should know about podcasts:

1. Listening Happens Anywhere and Everywhere

Podcasts follow listeners anywhere they go as a part of their day-to-day lives. This means your brand’s message is being delivered in various environments ranging from the home, to the car, to public transit, to the local park, and listeners are usually multitasking.

2. Advertising Isn’t Limited to In-Show

Podcasts typically contain ads, either in the form of pre-recorded messaging or live host reads. However, podcast advertising isn’t limited to these audio spots. Advertisers can also take advantage of a podcast’s extensions, including: banners on the podcast’s website, integration into the show notes, social media and blog mentions, presence at events, and more! All of Uncover’s hosts are available for custom content and fully-integrated campaigns.

3. Knowing Your Audience is Key

A podcast exists for almost any interest bucket out there. Advertisers can make the most of podcasts’ niche audience segmentation by selecting the podcasts that best align with the likes and interests of their brand’s core demographic. Listeners will appreciate hearing about brands that are relevant to them, and advertisers will appreciate the limited ad waste. Podcast influencers are also able to share content over multiple outlets, allowing brands to reach a broader audience. And if you want something even more targeted, create a custom branded podcast series with Uncover.

4. Time is of the Essence

The average podcast listener spends approximately 22 minutes with an episode. That said, pre-roll and mid-roll ad spots are considered prime placement. They may cost a bit more, but will garner more impressions and are worth it. In addition, ads should be short and to the point. Too long of a message will result in disengagement or skipping over the advertisement completely.

5. Authenticity Will Shine

For a podcast ad to really resonate, it should sound organic and unscripted. Given the freedom, hosts will often put their own spin on an advertiser’s message to make it relevant and engaging to their listeners. Live reads by a host who believes in the brand are always the most impactful.

6. Freedom from Regulations = Freedom of Creativity

Podcasts are not limited by FCC guidelines or any sort of industry standard. As long as the advertiser and podcast host agree on the content, delivery, and boundaries, anything can happen.

And, a little more about podcast listeners:

7. They’re On-the-Go

Over half (52%) of podcast listeners listen in the car, and nearly half (46%) listen while traveling. Podcasts are listened to all over the place from gyms to stores and even in the shower. You can read more about the portability of podcasts in our article: Always Listening: Podcasts and Portable Brand Messaging.

8. They’re Social

A whopping 93% of podcast listeners are on social media; 76% have a Facebook account, 41% have an Instagram account, 36% have a Twitter account, and 33% have a LinkedIn account.

9. Listeners are Engaged and Loyal

Podcast audiences are a loyal fanbase of followers. They trust that the brands that enter into their virtual “community” are genuine and relevant, or they wouldn’t be allowed in. They also value their favorite hosts’ opinions and pay close attention to the content they’re putting out, including branded messaging.

10. They Have High Purchasing Power

Podcast listeners typically have above-average household incomes, making them more likely to purchase a product or service they hear in an advertisement.

To learn more about podcasts, contact Uncover. Our in-house production team offers unique flexibility and creativity with branded messaging, custom segments, content shaping, and more. Tap into our roster of influencers to create a fully custom branded podcast and multimedia campaign.