April 6, 2017

Uncover Influencer Spotlight: We The Kings

The crowd is on edge. Hearts pumping, vibrations from the hum of the amplifiers. 30,000 souls in complete rock ‘n roll ecstasy. This is what it’s like to be in a rock band. This is what it’s like to be We The Kings.

The platinum-selling rock band first entered the scene in 2007 and never looked back. The band is celebrating their ten year anniversary and they’re currently touring the globe. Their music has been pivotal throughout their journey to superstardom, and it’s time to give their fans more. Six albums, multiple Warped Tour headlines and a decade later, We The Kings has gained an extremely loyal fanbase and over 7 million social media followers.

“We’ve been building our brand for over a decade through live events, concert tours, social media and our daily YouTube vlogs” - Travis Clark, lead singer of We The Kings.

Uncover Studios and We The Kings have teamed up to create WTK: Encore, a new podcast series that takes fans on tour with the band. Hear their stories from on the road, behind the curtains and more to connect with the guys on a whole new level.

WTK: Encore is truly a one-of-a-kind experience for all of the music fans out there. Anyone who enjoys music and wants an insider’s look into being in a band, touring, playing shows and everything in between is welcome. Fans can subscribe to WTK: Encore and connect with We The Kings on social media to keep up with their adventures.

We The Kings has been changing the influencer game, and brands are excited to work alongside them. Partnering with Uncover Studios and We The Kings gives brands the unique opportunity to have their message heard by a relevant, loyal audience. We The Kings is ready to share what they love with their trusting fans and really drive the message home.

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And don’t forget, every show is better with an encore!