May 10, 2017

Why Influencers are the Future of Marketing

The future belongs to the influencer. Influencer marketing has become the new standard for brands to promote their products and services. With multiple generations of people investing so much time on social media, trusted influencers allow brands to connect with consumers on a deeper, more direct level. They’ve worked their way up to become the new celebrity endorsements. Influencers have officially changed the game in doing so. In fact, 92% of people trust influencers over ads or celebrity endorsements, according to Musefind. This new form of advertising has grown exponentially in the past few years, so much that $255 million is spent on influencer marketing each month. This is huge for brands to be in the know on, and it’s something Uncover Studios is an absolute master at.

Most people in today’s world ignore the ads placed in front of them. They’ve given traditional advertising methods the cold shoulder, and 47% of people use ad-blockers online for this very purpose. However, those same 47% of people trust and value the voices of influencers. Rather than blasting a static message to their target market, businesses can now engage with their consumers through influencers.

People trust an influencer just like they trust a recommendation from friends and family. Influencers build relationships with their audiences, so they are seen as an honest and reliable source of information. In most cases, an influencer will not promote a brand they themselves don’t use or like, and that really resonates with their followers. They can seamlessly integrate the right brand into their lifestyle, without coming across as pushy or spam. A brand is woven into an influencer’s lifestyle and it reflects seamlessly into the eyes and ears of the consumers who follow these influencers.

The ultimate goal for any brand is to maximize impact. Uncover Studios understands that objective and has built relationships with a roster of influencers that are ready to help you bring your brand messaging to the next level. Uncover influencers are the perfect bridge between you and their audience and they are willing to work with you to help craft the perfect message. That’s what it’s all about when it all boils down. Influencer marketing goes beyond numbers the way traditional digital advertising avenues can not. They are targeted. When an influencer and a brand come together, the impact of the message is amplified. Consumers no longer feel like they’re being pitched an ad every second of the day, but rather feel like they’re being spoken to by a trusted individual or group, that just gets it. They understand the message being sent much more clearly than traditional advertising. Most of that stuff is ignored, or blocked, in this day and age anyway. Influencers are authentic and trustworthy, which makes them a powerful ally to advertisers and marketing teams across the globe. Influencers are the future of marketing and advertising, and sending the right message that your brand deserves.