The Uncover Advantage

Uncover Studios is a podcast and influencer company that uses a roster of talent to create original podcast shows, custom content, and multimedia campaigns to maximize brand impact. We offer a variety of services to brands and advertisers that leverage our unique position in the space. Our 25+ years of audio and influencer marketing experience ensures organic, effective delivery of your brand message.

Roster of Talent

Access our in-house talent and create impactful campaigns
Our influencers are prepared to create custom, branded content that can be seamlessly woven into the their personal outlets as well as various media outlets. We believe in the power of relevant content delivered by trusted voices.

Original Shows

Tap into great shows or create your own
We create brand experiences your audience seeks out and enjoys. Our in-house team of production and marketing experts create custom branded podcasts and multimedia branded influencer content. By tailoring content to your demo, we’ll create a valuable and memorable brand experience.

Multimedia Campaigns

Maximize Your Reach
Using your key objectives, we supercharge your program with multimedia extensions. We create cohesive programs across various media including radio, web, print, mobile, and TV. We tap into our talent’s personal platforms to effectively carry your message across relevant platforms.