Programming Integration

Our shows capture attention with compelling topics and high-quality production. We produce everything in-house, allowing us to create the perfect in-show experience for your brand. Direct access to our roster of talent yields shorter lead times and more creative flexibility.


We can shape the topic and contents of an Uncover show episode to surround your unique brand message. Content-shaping does not sacrifice the quality or integrity of the show; instead, it allows the show content and brand message to seamlessly come together to increase overall value to the listener.

Custom Segments

Custom segments bring your brand to the forefront of a podcast episode by adding something new and memorable to the show’s format. Custom segments (either a one-time experience or a recurring part of the show) are fun departures that add value to the listening experience. Becoming the exclusive sponsor of a popular segment is a great way to build appreciation and goodwill for your brand while delivering a strong and relevant brand message.

Host Reads

Influencers naturally bring credibility to your brand, and podcast influencers do this exceptionally well. The “one-on-one” nature of podcast listening fosters a loyal connection between listeners and their favorite hosts, allowing host reads to come off as recommendations rather than paid advertisements.

With 25+ years of audio and influencer marketing experience, Uncover skillfully coaches our podcast hosts to deliver organic, authentic messaging.

Our hosts touch on key brand messaging while avoiding watch-outs to create effective, genuine advertising.

Sweepstakes Integration

A custom sweepstakes can be woven throughout all elements of your integrated campaign to engage your target audience. Our in-house copywriters, designers, developers, and account team will develop a custom sweepstakes to add a unique, interactive element to your podcast campaign.

We manage our consumer promotions in entirety, including concept development, rules and regulations, monitoring, prize fulfillment, etc. Sweepstakes integration at Uncover is truly scalable from messaging, to custom websites and digital games, to grand prize flyaways and experiential prize packages.

Experiential Activations

Our podcast hosts are available for a wide variety of experiential activations beyond the podcast space. Our offerings are scalable to any campaign and can include: meet & greets, event appearances, video hangouts, cross-platform interviews, guest spots, and more.

Social Media

Tap into our hosts’ massive social media followings with access to their social feeds. Opportunities range from text-based posts, to custom, share-worthy video content, to giveaways and sweepstakes.

Product Placement

Mentioning your product or service during a program is a great way to generate organic conversation and maximize awareness of your brand. Amplify word-of-mouth chatter in a variety of ways from in-content messaging to studio and equipment sponsorships.